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South Clinic

The second Integrated clinic, commonly known as "South", is located a couple miles from the historic Valley Junction and neighbors to the pet lovers of "Paws and Pints". The South clinic is managed by Tate's brother, Kris Van Houten, who has been with Integrated for the past 8 years. Our skilled physical therapists and assistants at this location offer a wide variety of services that are harmonious with our Integrated mission; individualized care to get you back to doing what you love! This clinic neighbors Regenexx, a well known clinic in Des Moines specializing in regenerative medicine such as platelet and stem cell injection, and our therapists regularly work with patients after they have received these injections. This is your place for post injection recovery. 

Contact Info:

6151 Thornton Ave Ste 300, Des Moines, IA 50321

P: 515-393-2068  F: 515-414-7707

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