Services Provided

Integrated Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is a locally owned and operated, full-service, out-patient orthopaedic clinic offering a wide variety of services for people in need of help getting back to feeling like themselves. To accomplish that goal, Integrated Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine has a number of different services offered to assist with a wide variety of ailments.



Physical Therapy is often recommended or required in a number of circumstances that cover wide variety of conditions including post-operative, chronic pain conditions, acute injuries, and sports rehabilitation.



Integrated Physical Therapy offers a variety of Specialized Treatments including Postural Restoration, Vestibular Restoration, TMJ, IASTM treatments, dry needling, Golf Rehab & Performance training, and Running & Gait analysis.



Integrated Physical Therapy has relationships with numerous companies in the Des Moines area to offer relief for work related injuries.



We understand the value of healthy living and sometimes injuries can occur from healthy activities. We work with a number of area athletic clubs, CrossFit, Pilates & Yoga studios, and sports training facilities.



Dry needling is an effective treatment for pain including but not limited to; headaches, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, carpal tunnel, and muscle strains. It is not acupuncture but the therapist inserts a very fine filament into pathological tissue triggering a response from the body which enhances healing and reduces pain.



Integrated Golf Performance focuses on addressing the physical restrictions and biomechanical faults that cause poor swing mechanics in order for a golfer to realize their maximum potential.



Our INDIBA unit, which is the only unit available in Des Moines, is a radiofrequency therapy proven to stimulate cellular metabolism, enhance tissue healing, and blood flow via a stable frequency of 448 KHz. This treatment can be used for acute, sub-acute, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions with a wide variety of benefits, anywhere from reducing muscle spasms and eliminating cellulite, to enhancing ligamentous repair following an ankle sprain.  

Recovery Program


We understand what the body needs for any runners, tri-athletes, college/professional athletes, golfers, and weekend warriors. We can help get you back to where you need to be after a big competition or training session.  

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