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Tate Vanhouten & Kris Vanhouten

Nike Golf Performance Experts

Tate and Kris VanHouten have been instrumental with their work in the Des Moines and Surrounding areas for Golf Performance. 
Utilizing the state of the art equipment, and hands on approach have driven positive results in 100's of clients. Working with Golf Professionals throughout the country have made them experts in their field.  


Integrated Golf Performance

Nike Golf Performance Simulator

Golf Performance Des Moines

If you enjoy playing golf, improving your swing, rotation, speed, and functional movement to better your results on the course...You will want to work with Integrated Physical Therapy Golf Performance experts.  Improved Fitness at the highest level can improve your golf game, all while decreasing your golf-related injuries.  We identify your current limitations and improper movements through skilled evaluation, treatment, all while restoring your golf game to new heights.  

Golf Clubs
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The Nike Performance Program is a sophisticated program that helps achieve your absolute best in the sport of golf.  With an understanding of biomechanics and golf swing, we can help you take your performance to the next level.  

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